Jody Renza to race in ASA NASCAR

WE'RE BACK.....Jody Renza confirmed that he will do selected races in the 2016 ASA NASCAR Series!!

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Renza Group:

Renza Sport: Asian Le Mans & ASA NASCAR Series

Qlimax Sports Drink - "Kick-Start-Energy"

Qlimax Soft Drinks - "Sheer Enjoyment"

Qlimax Mens Fashions - "The Man!"

Jail Clothing Signature - "I'm a Rebel"

Renza Tours - "See South Africa"

Renza Promotions - Stunt Shows/Stunt Driving/Stunt Doubles/Adventures 4 You/Product Launches

Renza Publikasies - Afrikaans Publications

Jody Renza - F1 Columnist #Sondag Newspaper#


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